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6x–10x faster software development / enhanced quality, flexibility & productivity / reduced costs / robust security
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High quality software solutions.
All-in-one digitalization.

Proud to be the Siemens partner

As an official certified Siemens partner, specializing in digital industries software, we demonstrate quality and expertise. From conception to execution, our partnership guarantees the highest standards of excellence.

Our company

Creatity. Your low-code partner.

Creatity in a Nutshell
Creatity s.r.o. is a European IT company that offers a range of services designed to assist businesses and public institutions with their digital transformation and IT innovation. As certified partners, we specialize in low-code application development using Mendix, as well as other platforms like OutSystems, Power Apps, and Intrexx. We provide system integration and cloud solutions services. We also offer consultation and training services. Creatity delivers comprehensive solutions and guidance for rolling out low-code platforms in the enterprise and public sectors.
Proven Experts
A team of competent, certified experts. Experience with software development for factories, critical infrastructure, and global enterprises.
All-in-One Services
Whether it's a desktop app, mobile app, SAP integration, IoT solutions, AI predictions, or big data processing, we've got the expertise you need.
Crafted With Genuine Care
Upholding best practices, detailed documentation, and recognized certifications, our focus on quality sets us apart.
Weeks Instead of Years
Software development platforms and processes we employ enable us to deliver software many times faster than usual.
Effortless Communication
Utilizing low-code technology, our developers can clearly grasp your needs, while enabling you to easily understand how the software operates.
Security First
Security guides all our actions. Ensuring cybersecurity for sustainable growth and ecosystem resilience. We provide extensive ISO compliance.

Low-code: faster development, better collaboration.

What is Low-code?

Visual Coding, Pre-prepared Blocks
Rather than writing numerous lines of code, the application is developed through visual coding, pre-prepared blocks and modules. This approach facilitates faster development, simpler future extensions and robust security.
Full-featured Software Development
With low-code, the needs of all departments in companies and the public sector can be met. Internal applications, critical infrastructure projects and portals for millions of users are built in low-code. Traditional languages such as Java or .NET can be fully replaced by low-code development.
Business and Developers in Sync
Low code platforms empower individuals with varying levels of technical expertise, including citizen developers and business users, to participate in application development. The stakeholders and users get what they really need quickly and efficiently.