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Industry tailored low-code solutions


Customized solutions addressing supply, engineering, manufacturing, service, and business requirements specialized for automotive manufacturers.

  • Accelerate digital advancement by bridging gaps between business and IT
  • Unify fragmented systems
  • Streamline your business processes and operations
  • Offer seamless, all-in-one digital experience

Create flexible and adaptive applications at speed and scale with low-code. Minimize risk by creating secure cloud applications.

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Low-code for Automotive & Transportation
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Low code in automotive
Low code in banking, fintech, insurance

Banking, fintech, insurance

Digitize financial services across the client lifecycle from origination, to onboarding, self-servicing, and back office operations.

  • Create a superior customer welcome and orientation process
  • Develop native mobile applications for iOs & Android
  • Make applying for a loan easy for customers
  • Shorten time-to-market by utilizing reusable components

Prepare for the rapidly evolving financial market – improve digital experiences, cut costs, and enhance business flexibility.

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Low-code Banking Applications and Solutions
Use Case: Rabobank
Use Case: ABN AMRO Bank

Energy and utilities

Energy sources are evolving, the regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex, and customers are demanding more personalized products. When legacy systems cannot keep up, migrating to low-code solutions can resolve your bottlenecks.

  • Integrate modern technologies such as AI and IoT
  • Unify data storage and access, achieve effective data analytics,
    and ensure compliance with data privacy laws
  • Automate manual processes and replace temporary workarounds with robust, long-lasting solutions

Stay competitive in a fast-evolving digital world with low-code solutions.

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Enexis Tackles Industry Disruption with 100+ Low-Code Applications
Avertra Empowers Customers with Digital Experience Platform for Utilities

Energy and utilities industry adopts low code
Public sector implements low code solutions

Government, public sector

Use low-code to develop digital solutions for employees and citizens. Tools like digital portals and data aggregation ensure your operations remain smooth.

  • Integrate complex data sources
  • Lead digitalization initiatives
  • Build desktop, tablet, and mobile digital experiences all on one low-code platform
  • Make security, data privacy, and compliance central to all operations
  • Improve system accessibility for all users

Meet the public’s expectations for easy access to services. Serve citizens better, develop software faster. We will deliver you a complex solution from a simple POC to a complete low-code platform roll-out including support and training.

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The City of Rotterdam delivers 100+ application in less than 4 years
Worcestershire County Saves £1.7 million over five years
Heathrow Airport Eliminated 75 000 Pages Of Paperwork,

Low code in manufacturing


Link workforce, products, and data. Drive digital shop floor transformation, maintain quality management smoothly, enhance supply chain resilience.

  • Keep the systems flexible and adaptable.
  • Develop through reusable, modular low-code components.
  • Optimize physical and digital processes on your shop floor and within your supply chains.
  • Smart manufacturing, quality management simplified.

Enable rapid software delivery, enjoy the standardization and scalability.

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Reimagining the Manufacturing Shop Floor with Low-Code
Industry 4.0 and IIoT Driven by Low-Code
Schaeffler: Drive Shop Floor Innovation with Low-Code

Medical & pharma

Organize research online, analyze data, enjoy flexibility and scalability,
and quickly add new features. Digitize your sales and back-office processes.

  • Gain flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to meet evolving demands.
  • Gather and sift through data from tens of thousands of users.
  • Achieve rapid feature deployment to meet the deadlines.
  • Roll out extensive studies quickly and effectively.

Stay ahead of the curve by utilizing low-code rapid applications development.

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Tracking Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccinations Done With Low-Code
How to Streamline Public Health Services with Low-Code

Low code in medical & pharma
Low code in retail, e‑commerce

Retail, e‑commerce

Create frictionless and unified digital experiences for customers. Connect data, replace legacy systems, and streamline collaboration.

  • Choose low-code for futureproof extensibility instead of expansive customization of off-the-shelf solutions.
  • With customer needs evolving rapidly, low-code platforms offer an effective way to keep pace and adapt.
  • Create multiplatform easy-to-use applications. Desktop, tablet, native mobile applications for employers and customers.

Modernize legacy systems, unify your application development, stay competitive. Harness the power of AI.

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