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Mendix Low-code Platform

Mendix Low-code Platform

The #1 low-code platform for the enterprise

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Mendix Low-code Development

Drag-and-drop coding, pre-designed elements
Instead of laboriously coding line after line, our application is crafted using visual coding, pre-built blocks, and modules. This streamlined method accelerates development by 6–10 times, facilitates easier extensions, and ensures robust security.
End-to-end software development
Mendix meets the diverse needs of enterprises, from accounting systems to CRM solutions and large-scale infrastructure projects, all executed seamlessly. Our platform has successfully supported projects serving tens of thousands of users, demonstrating its capability to replace traditional languages and solutions such as Java or .NET.
Better Business-Developer Collaboration
Low-code platforms enable individuals of diverse technical backgrounds, including citizen developers and business users, to actively engage in application development. This ensures that stakeholders and users swiftly and efficiently receive tailored solutions that meet their exact needs.
Low code visual programming is much more effective than old traditional programming

Traditional coding challenges…

Miscommunication between business and IT
Approximately 40% time of the time alloted to development is spent on rework of the code.
Shortage of developers = delays in delivery
It would take 8 years to fill open software engineering roles with college graduates who have CS degrees. Almost 30 % of software projects are delayed by more than 6 months.
Fragmented tools, data & development teams
Approximately 70% of team leaders and project managers currently believe that corporate data and technology standards apply only to IT teams and departments, not to them.

…solved with the Mendix approach

A common language between business and IT
Mendix allows great and easy communication, so the business gets what is required quickly.
Fast delivery, great support and training for juniors
Visual modelling and free Mendix Academy allows a quick training of junior developers or even talented non-coders. Mediors and seniors can very quickly jump into an existing project.
Enterprise integration, reusability, and governance
The Mendix platform unifies and streamlines all data access and development processes empowering multidisciplinary teams to collaborate effectively and accelerate innovation.

What you can achieve with Mendix

Digitalize customer experiences
SaaS applications can be created in Mendix

SaaS applications

Onboarding can be developped using Mendix platform


B2C mobile app development in Mendix

B2C mobile app

Self-service portals can be created in Mendix

Self-service portals

Automate business processes
Complex budget approvals can be automatized with Mendix

Complex budget approvals

Incident management can be handled by Mendix app

Incident management

Plant maintenance can be developed using Mendix

Plant maintenance

Logistics/shipping management can be dfone with Mendix

Logistics/shipping management

Modernize core systems
Mobile SAP supply chain can be built on Mendix

Mobile SAP supply chain

Smart warehousing can be created in Mendix

Smart warehousing

Work order management can be created in Mendix

Work order management

Lotus Notes refresh is possible with Mendix

Lotus Notes refresh

“It took me 2 hours to build an application all by myself, and I have not been developing for 25 years.”

Manager of ICT

food and agriculture

What companies are using Mendix?

+ 50 M
end users
+ 200 K
+ 300 K
+ 130
universities teaching

Develop better solutions faster

Platform built for efficient teamwork

04 Steps

01. Rapid project kickoff
Start with pre-prepared templates, apps, modules, and design systems. Visual coding makes the development 6–10x faster than traditional coding.
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02. Easy tracking & feedback
Track sprints, stories and requirements across developers and versions. Built-in git, agile development & Scrum.
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03. Deploy with 1 click
Deploy any app through test, quality, and CI/CD processes, to any cloud - private, public, or on premises.
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04. Great extensibility
Package and share common components for others to use. Set governance and unified style of your company applications.
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All-in-one Solution

Mendix cloud, AI, Data integration, Automation, Multi-experience, app development
Mendix Application development

Application development: Visually model application logic, data models, and UX. Collaborate easily with stakeholders.

Mendix Cloud

Cloud: deploy on any cloud, private, public or on-premise. Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure and many others.

Mendix Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence: Easily add cognitive services and machine learning to application models.

Mendix Data integration

Data integration: Connect to key data sources and IoT services across internal and external systems.

Mendix Automation

Automation: incorporate workflows for humans and systems seamlessly in application solutions.

Mendix Multi-experience

Multi-experience: desktop, tablet, mobile PWA, mobile native – all made in 1 IDE in 1 platform.

Recognized and trusted low-code platform

Gartner® Magic Quadrant
for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms
Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms
The Forrester Wave™:
Low-Code Development Platforms For Professional Developers
The Forrester Wave™:Low-Code Development Platforms For Professional Developers

Successful enterprises build with Mendix

Maintained by Siemens

The Mendix low-code platform, which has been on the market for 20 years, is maintained by Siemens, one of the largest German companies founded in 1847. As an official certified Siemens partner, specializing in digital industries software, we demonstrate quality and expertise.

Siemens - Solution Partner - Digital industries software

Limitlessly extendable with full API access

Programming languages
Custom Java coding in Mendix


Custom JavaScript coding in Mendix


Custom CSS, Sass coding in Mendix

CSS, Sass

Package managers
Maven can be used with Mendix


npm can be used with Mendix


Use your favourite IDE
Eclipse can be used with Mendix


IntelliJ Idea can be used with Mendix

IntelliJ Idea

Visual Studio Code works with Mendix

Visual Studio Code

The highest security for sustained business success

Security certifications
ISO 22301 Certification
ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Certification
ISO/IEC 27017 Certification
ISO/IEC 27018 Certification
NEN 7510 Certification
ISAE 3000 Type II & ISAE 3402 Type II Assurance Reports
SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II & SOC 3 Type II Assurance Reports
PCI DSS V4 Level 1 Service Provider Attestation of Compliance
Cyber Essentials (UK)
CSA STAR Certification
Monthly penetration testing based on:
ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework)
OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual)
Every Mendix release scanned by:
Integrated identity management support:

Complete Education System

Training & support by Creatity
Our specialists provide customized, in-depth training to ensure your project managers, citizen developers, and end users are equipped to effectively manage and utilize your apps portfolio.
Free Mendix Academy
From aspiring citizen developers to seasoned software engineers, the comprehensive platform offers a wealth of knowledge spanning business and technical domains. Delve into structured learning paths, immersive courses, and practical use cases, thoughtfully organized for optimal learning outcomes.
Certification system
The Mendix certification system categorizes developers based on their knowledge and experience, providing clear pathways for advancement and inspiring newcomers to progress.
Large community of developers
Connect with over 300,000 developers in the thriving Mendix community. Access extensive documentation, share knowledge, and utilize modules created by others to enhance your projects.
Mendix learning paths
Mendix certifications
Mendix instructor-led trainings

Strategic partnerships: SAP & AWS

Mendix logo


SAP has a great integration with low code apps


AWS integrates well with low code
SAP recommends Mendix
SAP recommends developing existing and future customizations in Mendix. Mendix is an SAP Solution Extension partner, which means SAP has fully adopted the Mendix platform as their platform to extend SAP solutions like SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA, SuccessFactors, and more.
Strategic alliance with AWS
Deploying Mendix apps on AWS is made simple with 3 options: Mendix Cloud, Mendix for Private Cloud, and Mendix Cloud Dedicated. Mendix for Private Cloud, includes an official AWS Reference Deployment on Amazon EKS, streamlining setup in your AWS environment to 30 minutes.

Advanced software development with AI

Mandix logic bot AI assistant
Mendix performance bot
Mendix page bot AI

Logic Bot

Assists developers by recommending context-aware next most likely activities in microflow design and auto parametrizing the selected action.

Performance Bot

Assists developers in optimizing their app performance during development by detecting performance degraders, recommend contextualized suggestion to address and automatically refactor the code.

Page Bot

Assist developers in creating high quality pages efficiently and effectively by pre-built validation microflows, recommending widgets, auto-configuration, etc.